Sunday, April 24, 2011

This was another breadth piece. This was a still life done in white chalk on black paper. This was a challenging assignment because the process of shading was completely backwards. But overall I do like this piece and sometime in the very near future I think I'm going to add blue prismacolor.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This piece is titled "prevailing benevolence". For the background I cut found papers into strips and secured them with glue and encaustic wax. The focal point is the compass rose on top of the globes. I used image transfers for the text. The supportive elements are the usual; string, pearls, and lace. I like this piece, but if I were to fo it over I would have done something else with the text.

This is another reader response journal but for Grapes of Wrath. The family in this novel relies on their truck to get them to California. The background for this piece was made by using found papers, specifically license plates, ad then I sponged the background with different paints. The truck is the focus and lace, string, and pearls were used yet again as supportive elements. I used another stencil and spray paint for the text. This piece is titled "pilgrimage".

This piece is title "innovation". The piece was centered around an old telephone. I decided to have an achromatic color scheme for this piece. The foundation was a photocopy of my preliminary drawing in my research workbook, with a little bit of gesso sponged on top. The telephone is the focal point and as supportive elements I used string, lace, and pearls. I tried soemthing new with this piece with the text and I created a stencil that I then spray painted. I think this method was very successful and I will use it in the future.

This piece is titled "Arome de tuer pour" meaning aroma to die for. This was a reader response journal for the novel Perfume. In this novel the main character murders multiple women to create perfume. This piece was done in a similar method to an earlier piece titled "elegance". I started with found papers cut into cirlces and encaustic wax as the foundation. The focal point is the perfume bottle and it is supported by string, painted beads, painted lace, and the text cut from wax paper. I like the vintage look this piece has and overall I'm pleased. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is the first time I've done an abstract piece and I enjoyed it. I based this piece on a Jack Johnson song. I used multiple techniques in the foundation to create unique texture and line. For the focal point I added a dripping blue/green line. I wanted the focal point to be bold and it definitely turned out that way :)

This is one of favorite pieces that I've done this year and I think part of that is because it was one of the most fun to create. The piece was made from found papers and found objects. The purpose of this piece is to illustrate the principle of art, unity, in a literal sense. I found tons of red found objects and unified them in the text to create a unified piece. I really like the result. I may do this with other principles of art such as texture.